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Cordillera Stone

Along any Texas highway, you’ll find a courthouse built of limestone hand-pitched to leave a top and bottom reveal. Now Featherlite reproduces this rugged yet classic look in the economical Cordillera Stone line of concrete masonry units.

Cordillera Stone are available in nominal bed depths of 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches, all with nominal face dimensions of 8" x 16" or 4" x 16". The line encompasses 15 standard colors - whites, tans, golds, grays, all the way to rich browns - and the eleven custom blends shown here. This extensive palette makes it possible to simulate limestone colors from virtually any region, not just the Southwest.

Like Featherlite’s other custom masonry units, Cordillera Stone are engineered and manufactured for superior performance in single-wythe construction as well as in veneer applications. They are subjected to an industry-leading quality-assurance program, and incorporate DRY-BLOCK® integrated water repellent from Grace Construction Products.

Cordillera Stone are made at Featherlite’s Converse, Texas, block plant, which puts it within a 500-mile circle for most of Texas and adjoining states.

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